TechX Queen is the first non-profit empowerment community for innovative women in Shanghai China. We value gender equality. We are the catalyzer for innovation and generating more female economic power.

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Monthly Event
Promoting dialogs and knowledge exchange across industries and sectors
Social Network
Hosting online and offline professional social events
Skill Exchange
Mentoring programs for women to share strengths, talents, and experience

We connect our people with NGOs, training programs, co-working spaces, incubators and innovation parks

Entrepreneurship/Leadership/Design Thinking programs
Partnerships across industries and sectors
Hiring opportunities and scale up of agile business models

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Executive Team

Mavis Guo

Architectural designer, devoting to research self-sustaining architecture design and explore various fields. Graduated from the University of Edinburgh in U.K. in 2017, specialise in space exploration, innovative thinking and event planning. A fan of water sports, travelling and spending quality time with important ones.

Fashion & lifestyle crafts

Juanyu is the designer of JUANYU LIU brand and Founder of Shanghai Ding Yi Fashion Design Co. Ltd. Juanyu has a degree in MA Fashion Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, United States. Her personal runway collection was shown in New York Fashion Week 2012F/W. Her rich experience includes being designer and Pattern maker of Women's wear Design Studio Gr. dano in San Francisco; Chief Designer of Ribo Fashion Group in Shanghai and Chief Designer of HeRen&Fen, Shanghai, where she used to create dresses for celebrities such as Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy.

Melissa Ngui
Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Melissa is the founder of My Startup Nomad, a boutique consulting firm providing Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship training to impact-driven groups and organizations. She holds an M.B.A specializing in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership as well as an MS in Marketing. With 9 years of corporate experience, she has managed international brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and Angostura Bitters. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of Female Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship and has shared her philosophy on The Power of Belief in a recent TED talk in Shanghai. As part of her mission to empower more women to succeed in entrepreneurship and social innovation, she runs an educational podcast which features learnings from successful female social entrepreneurs making positive contributions to society. Melissa is an advocate for learning and mentorship and will spearhead a Social Innovation Training and Mentorship initiative for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Fei Shan

Engaged in artistic creation. Love public welfare undertakings, reading, running, out sketching.

Lily He
Social & sustainable innovations

Lily is an urban planner and has a strong sense of social responsibility and is very interested in the social innovation. In 2017, she participated in two start-up events, won the first prize (Eco-Tourism project) and third prize respectively. She also helped organize the first Startup Weekend Women edition in Shanghai. She lived in France for three years and traveled to more than 10 Europe countries and Unites States. She speaks Chinese, English and French, loves the culture exchanges and is good at using the social network resource.

AI & Blockchain Applications

Athena is a wander and connector. After graduated from the university in 2004, she had worked in different cities around the world, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Pardubice, Houston, Boston, and now in Shanghai. Every city she stayed, she enjoyed making new friends, joining the communities, and connecting people. The last couple of years, Athena had been working in the innovation community and she ran an incubator in Boston, her expertises are program management, marketing, branding, talent identifying, partnership developing, and she is also a mentor to several startups and organizations. Her current focus is building the Shanghai (Lingang) International Artificial Intelligence Institute with Lingang gov, exploring leading AI companies and talents abroad and bringing them to Shanghai.

Brita Lii Sei

Brita Lii is an enthusiast of internationalism. She is currently studying in Shanghai as a YFU exchange student from Estonia. She has participated in three international youth mobilities and created partnerships for several new Eramsus+ programs including the one that they organize on their own. Brita Lii can speak Estonian, English and Chinese. She was the Estonian finalist at the worldwide Chinese language&culture competition Chinese Bridge for high school students in 2017. Furthermore, Brita Lii enjoys volunteering and empowering others.

Veron Tseng
Let the joy pass

SIKA Design Consultancy Company Co-founder
Create gamefied experience for self-learning and growth
Feel obliged to make the journey of life more joyful

Louis Zheng
"Captain Louis" Advisor

A design strategist, futurist, and technologist. Currently, he is working as a Business&Innovation Strategist at designaffairs, a global industrial design and innovation strategy consultancy. He has been working closely with early stage companies and fortune 500 corporations in Silicon Valley and China. Louis’s expertise is in collecting information with the user-centric perspective and translating into business strategies, which maximize the value of creatives.
Area of interests: consistently making social impact at the crossover of technology, business and design.

Yuan Yuan

Founder of ArcheClub, which advocates for healthy, joyful and sustainable lifestyle and aims at pioneering innovative services for women with cutting-edge digital technology and worldwide trending products. She holds MS in Civil Engineering and MA in Economics. She led product teams on developing O2O/CRM in Shanghai since 2014. Prior to that, she undertook consultancy roles with the Atkins Global, United Nations, the Clinton Foundation, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and Environmental Defense Fund in New York on implementing sustainability workshops, conducting research projects on climate change & big data analysis.

Athena Zhao
Marketing expert

Marketing expert and process optimization enthusiast, with 10+ years marketing experience in automotive, home appliances, education, SaaS ect. focusing on quant-based marketing across digital, social channels and to improve user experience.
Her sharing in Zhihu (Chinese Quora) on Inbound Marketing have been rated as number one and republished by other online media, which is from own project experience when working for American billionaire Fred Mouawad in Bangkok in charge of his SaaS product for the marketing.
Now Athena is based in Shanghai, working as Business Director for a German digital product design company focusing on driving new value through digital product, and also as a freelancer marketing consulting on digital transformation or for startups. She applies great knowledge and practice from lean startups, design thinking and design sprint, to daily projects and process optimization.

Community Parterners

Startup Weekend
Xingdongli R&D Center